Shareholding Structure

Solidi partenariati

La Compagnia Portuale ha instaurato solidi partenariati e collaborazioni con rinomati operatori portuali, armatori e investitori.

Promuovere l'economia locale

L'obiettivo principale delle collaborazioni è sempre stato quello di favorire la crescita del traffico portuale a Livorno e, di conseguenza, promuovere l'occupazione e lo sviluppo dell'economia locale.

Un porto di grande rilevanza

Livorno è fiera di avere un porto di grande rilevanza, riconosciuto a livello mondiale da tutte le principali compagnie di navigazione.

Compagnia Impresa Lavoratori Portuali


CILP Srl, jointly owned by Compagnia Portuale di Livorno and NGI (F.lli Neri and G.I.P. Genova group) with a 50% stake each, operates as a terminal operator, managing the entire cycle of port operations. It is equipped with state-of-the-art operational tools, including quay cranes, expansive areas, and warehouses for the handling and storage of various types of goods such as containers, general cargo, automobiles, forestry products, non-ferrous metals, roll-on/roll-off trailers, and project cargo.


Compagnia Impresa Lavoratori Portuali (CILP) has solidified a significant role in the port context through constant service optimization, adhering to international quality standards for work organization, and the handling and storage of goods.


It manages the main traffic flows affecting the Port of Livorno, including forestry products with over 800,000 tonnes handled annually, new automobiles with over 320,000 vehicles, plus an additional 100,000 trailers moved.


The company operates on areas under concession, rented, and owned, and has 55,000 m² of warehouse space, 330,000 m² of yards, 1,000 linear meters of quays, and a variety of mobile cranes and other lifting equipment suitable for all types of traffic. The loading and unloading of goods is entrusted to Compagnia Portuale di Livorno.


CILP and its Goals


CILP stands as one of the leading companies involved in port and logistics operations in the Port of Livorno. It looks to the future with an eye on technological advancements while remaining true to its roots and local ties. The objective is to be recognized as a reference point within the Mediterranean area. Currently, it is the second-largest terminal operator in the Port of Livorno in terms of revenue, traffic volume, and personnel.


Forestry Products

With over 40 years of experience, Compagnia Impresa Lavoratori Portuali is a national leader in managing forestry products. It has increased the handling volumes of pulp (1.2 million tonnes imported in 2016, a record in the Mediterranean area). Livorno leverages its strategic geographical position to distribute forestry products throughout Italy, particularly to the paper mill district in Lucca.


Automobile Traffic

CILP has established strong collaborations with the most important ro/ro (roll-on/roll-off) shipping companies. The company handles approximately 320,000 total automobiles for loading and unloading each year. To ensure the best quality of automobile services, the company employs top logistics operators. CILP provides terminals covering a total area of approximately 215,000 m².


Terminals Operated by CILP

CILP operates in several key terminals including the Deep Water Terminal, Livorno East Terminal (Lucca Quay, La Paduletta), and the Leonardo da Vinci Terminal.


General Cargo – Project Compagnia Impresa Lavoratori Portuali offers:

  • Professional labor and dedicated areas;
  • Trailers, mafi, and lifting equipment;
  • Loading and unloading of yachts, project cargo including special equipment and tracked vehicles;
  • Assembled artifacts in dedicated areas within the terminal, most recently a collaboration with Alex Sistemi, intended for gas pumping stations in Canada, shipped on specialized vessels;
  • Services for lashing, delashing, unmarking, and terminal storage for trailers and cars on the Italy-Spain line operated by Grimaldi shipping company: 100,000 trailers per year; 50,000 new cars.

LIVORNO REEFER Owned 100% through Livorno Reefer Terminal

  • Interior Surface: 12 storage cells, 9,000 pallet capacity over 11,000 m² with temperature ranges from -2° to 18°C.
  • Open Area: 19,000 m² for external services and vehicle reception.
  • External Electrical Hookups: 55 plug-in connections.
  • Professional Quality Controls: Labeling and repackaging.
  • Custom Clearance: VAT warehouse.
  • IT Support: Daily reporting and packaging.


The shuttle service connecting the container terminal to the Livorno Reefer hub ensures daily transfers of import-export containers for commodities such as wine and fruit.


Livorno Reefer caters to the fruit sector and the storage of fine wines destined for export, originating from prestigious Italian wineries.

The warehouse is linked to weekly container lines arriving from the tropics and off-season fruit from the southern hemisphere.

The company focuses its organization and economic performance on a volume of 150,000 tonnes of fruit, primarily from containers and partly from conventional break bulk reefer ships.

Additional Partners of CPL:

  • Piombino Multi-Terminal (PMT): A key partner in enhancing the port’s logistical capabilities.
  • Tirreno Energy District (TED): Collaborates with CPL in the energy sector, focusing on sustainable practices.
  • ALP (Agenzia per il Lavoro in Porto): An agency focused on employment services within the port, ensuring efficient workforce management.
  • Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci: A critical logistics and transportation hub that facilitates the distribution and transportation of goods in and out of the region.


FALDO Project: Faldo is a project initiated by Compagnia Portuale di Livorno to equip the back port with infrastructure to support auto traffic.

Autoparco Il Faldo is a logistical platform for the reception and distribution of automobiles destined for the national and European markets. It covers an area of about 650,000 m² and is directly connected to the port via the FI-PI-LI highway. It features an internal railway connection with 2 tracks and can store up to 25,000 vehicles at maximum capacity.

Terminal Darsena Toscana

TDT began its operations on January 1, 1997. Thanks to its strategic location from a logistical point of view, with easy road and rail access, and an annual operational capacity of 900,000 TEU, it has become the reference container terminal for the Port of Livorno. Over the years, Compagnia Portuale di Livorno has become the primary operational partner of the Terminal, offering services such as lashing, unlashing, and unmarking of goods. This partnership underscores the critical role that Compagnia Portuale di Livorno plays in facilitating efficient and effective container handling and logistics at the terminal.